The ATM 38T is an Electric yard tractor for trailer and semi-trailer movements in distribution centers, logistic hubs, container depots and industrial applications. Fully Electric or Hydrogen Powered, the ATM allows zero-emission operations, improved and quieter working conditions.

Trailers, Semis

The only native electric tractor of the market

Build from a blank page with the largest logistic and industrial companies, the ATM provides better TCO than diesel and diesel-converted-to-electric tractors.

Lower OpEx:
Save up to 90% in fuel annually

Simplified operations and reduced maintenance. Our ATM provides rapid ROI compared to diesel tractors, with an average payback period of 2 years.

Built to meet operations and maintenance requirements

By completely rethinking the Yard Tractor design, we were able to reduce the number of moving parts and improve accessibility for preventive maintenance operations.

Industry exclusive ergonomics

With industry leading door width and generous height for easy entry and exit, our cabin prioritizes ergonomics from the very beginning.The industry exclusive automatic adjustable seat allows operators to find the ideal operating position. It even makes room to accommodate an extra seat for trainers to supervise performance.

Protecting your most important asset, just in case

Safety first. Gaussin keeps up to date with the cutting edge of safety technology, ensuring that our trucks remain the safest on the road.Our award-winning FOPS/ROPS cabin has been designed to have the industry’s highest strength-to-weight ratio, protecting the driver by absorbing as much crash energy as possible.

Ease of use and visibility

The cabin provides spacious and comfortable driving with excellent all-round visibility.The layout of the cabin allows easy reach of all controls through its touch-screen display, optimizing efficiency and rapid visualization of the vehicle information.


Our vehicles are available in FULL ELEC (BEV) and FUEL CELL/HYDROGEN (FCEV) versions. ‍ One common electric platform, multiple sources of electricity.Both our BEV and FCEV versions share a single modular vehicle architecture. ‍ BEV and FCEV vehicles are complementary, and provide benefits for diverse use cases and transportation needs.

Gaussin Virtual Driver

In addition to our strong focus on zero-emission transportation, Gaussin is focused on making goods movement faster and safer. Our goal is to make our self-driving vehicles safer than with human drivers.Since 2013, Gaussin has been developing its own Autonomous Driving systems for our electric self-driving vehicles, and has integrated world class partner systems and software to provide the most efficient turnkey solution for yard and terminal automation. ‍ Our Autonomous driving stack includes industry-leading components to enable fully autonomous operations for mixed traffic within gated areas.


Technical specifications and features

Maximum speed
25 km/h
Drive line
Traction motor
Trailers, Semi-trailers
Front axle capacity
Rear axle capacity
5th wheel capacity
55 kWh*2 (swap)

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