About Us

About Us

The Trusted Zero Emissions Partner

We are Nexport. We have sustainable solutions for the transport and logistics sectors. Our purpose is to make the planet a better place by helping the public and private sector to accelerate the transition to Zero Emission transport

We tackle the climate change challenge and achieve targets for emissions, reduce pollutants such as CO2 and Particulates and contribute towards more liveable cities through our Zero as a Platform Solution


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Our approach


At Nexport we work with clients across a broad range of industries to achieve their transition towards zero emission from their transport services and operations

Our industries include:

The human element

What's our secret? Great people. Meet our Zero Heroes

Our values

Our vision as a company is to accelerate and achieve the deployment of Zero Emission assets and solutions to create a more livable environment for the citizens of tomorrow

To achieve our vision, our Zero Heroes live and breath our  values every day:


Work hard, play hard, no guilt. We've created an environment of empowerment, support, trust, and flexibility


Creatively curious We are always learning Never forget your inner child that can drive innovation


Adapt to change, diversify, challenge the status quo, become a leader and build resilient products, solutions, teams, supply chains & organisations


Hold ourselves, our partners, our supply chain and our customers accountable to our values, promises & commitments


Creactive (n) -Creative + Active Innovate and drive things forward with pace, try new things, fail, fail fast, try again


Nexport is Open to Everyone We believe in having Open conversations We are open to sharing our knowledge Our people are Open to & Embrace Change Nexport is Open to changing the future of mobility

Nexport Executive & Management

Michel van Maanen

Chief Executive Officer

Geoff Nesbitt

Chief Financial Officer

Daniel Porter

Chief Commercial Officer

Ben Nurmi

Chief Information Officer

Kathy Lazanas

Head of Marketing

Michael Neal

Chief Technology Officer

Dimitra Karantzounis

Head of Shared Services

Adwait Kale

Chief Operations Officer

Dinesh Bhardwaj

Chief Performance Officer

Vinayak Dixit

Chief Science Officer

Sid Rallapalli

Head of Global Partnerships

Mark Harrison

Head of Engineering

Pierre El Chiekh

Director, Mobility as a Service

Rod Pulbrook

Sales Director, Industrial Products

Alex de la Flor

Investment Manager


Who owns Nexport?

Nexport is a wholly Australian Owned & Operated Company.

Where do you manufacture?

Nexport manufactures components throughout Australia, with main assembly plants in NSW & Victoria.

Is Nexport ISO Certified?

Nexport is undertaking a multi-discipline ISO Certification Program with Globalmark, one of Australia's peak certification bodies.

What can Nexport do for me?

Zero Emission Journey: We do not believe that anyone organisation can develop and deliver a complete, best-in-class zero emission solution. That is why we work with partners to incorporate the best research, the latest technology and the most innovative solutions into the industry’s leading solutions.

Who is Nexport's CEO?

Nexport is led by Michel van Maanen as CEO & supported by the executive leadership team.

What if I already own non-ZE Vehicles?

Nexport works with a variety of infrastructure & finance partners to ensure we have solutions to transitioning at any stage of your traditional fleet lifecycle.

Do you import cars?

No, we focus specifically on larger asset classes. BYD Cars we were previously involved with are now handled by a seperate entity - EVDirect.

Can I customise your Products?

We can work with you to customise & design ground-up solutions tailored to your operational requirements.

How do I engage with Nexport?

Reach out to our Zero Heroes by clicking "Contact" or calling 1800 NEXPORT

Ready to start your journey to Zero?