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We are creating a sustainable
& better future.

Our work is contributing to a better world.


Real Action

Nexport is the leading electric bus producer in Australia, with more than 110 electric buses to be delivered by early 2021.


Strong Partnerships

Our success is based on seeing successful partnerships thrive and develop in mutual balance.


Generational Legacy

Nexport is more than a business, it is a mission. It is upon our shoulders to lead change now which will result in positive generational legacy.

Luke Todd Founder

Nexport was established to make a positive change for our environment and within our communities. Now, more than ever, real and lasting change is needed both environmentally and socially. Collectively, we should not underestimate the magnitude of the challenges faced in today's world. These challenges are real and impacting many. However, together through leadership, strength, and technology. We can, and we will make a difference.

I take on this challenge - not because it is easy, but because it is hard.

NEXPORT heritage
Visionary change today based on generations of experience.

Nexport has a rich history within the Australian transport industry, with Luke Todd, Nexport Founder and Managing Director being a fourth generation bus operator. The Todd family history in transport dates back to 1924.

  • Unparalleled level of experience and history.
  • Proven success, with close to a century of knowledge and expertise.
  • We embrace our proud past, to help Australia create a sustainable future.


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