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Emission Transport

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Nexport is focussed solely on producing electric passenger mobility vehicles for the Australian market. We utilise our global supply chain network and deep expertise in engineering and production to develop, engineer, build and deploy great passenger vehicles for the Australian market.

The Next Generation of
Smart Transport

Nexport's strategic approach will deliver the energy and infrastructure to transform the transport sector and supply chain, making zero-emission systems a practical and cost effective reality. We’ll achieve this by combining world leading engineering knowledge with an attributable mix of technology, infrastructure, finance and partnerships.

Nexport. Australia’s leading supplier of zero emission vehicles for passenger mobility.

Clean-Tech for a Better Future

The technology we need to make the transition to zero is available today. We can provide you with the right toolset to ensure that your trip to zero emissions is successful.

Integrated End-to-End ecosystem

We have always believed that technology when applied correctly can help make the world a better place.
Nexport provides the market leading systems and integrations for the rapidly growing zero emission transport ecosystem by integrating technologies from around the world that are best suited to your needs.

Where to Start

Helping organisations achieve zero emissions with our unique value chain approach: Zero emissions represents an enormous opportunity for many industries, but few are ready to seize it. We can see the change that zero emissions offers, as well as the barriers that stand in the way of its success.

We understand how we can help you prepare for and overcome each barrier. We’re experts at finding creative solutions that fit your business model and work within your budget.

Why Nexport

Nexport is a next generation company that acts as an integrator of technology systems and infrastructure providers to bring together simple turnkey solutions for business and governments.

Nexport is the glue that binds the market leading technologies into effective solutions for government managed public transport as well as for enterprises whose businesses require them to move around people, parcels or product.

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