Zero as a Platform


We make the difficult seem easy!

The transport industry is the third largest emitter of pollution in Australia.

To combat this, State Governments and Territories are setting targets that will help us achieve our COP26 objectives of zero emissions by 2050.

To help transition transport services, Nexport has introduced the Zero as a Platform (ZaaP) model.

ZaaP brings together both customers and suppliers for the first time in a single ecosystem that enables seamless transition and integration.

By establishing direct communication channel between customer and suppliers, at Nexport we take the stress and risk of transitioning your business to a net zero operation.

No matter how big or small your transport offering, we can tailor a solution that works for your business.


Traditional Electrification

❌ Massive capital investment with complex amortisation of capital cost

❌ Significant maintenance commitment

❌ Complex supply chain planning and management

❌ Significant business risk due to high uncertainty on integration timeline and cost

Electrification through Nexport ZaaP 

✅ Capital investment is spread out over the whole operating life – clear and transparent amortisation

✅ Less uncertainty, maintenance is factored in the ZaaP cost

✅ Seamless integration across the whole supply chain. This is enabled by close cooperation amongst Nexport partners

✅ Reduced business risk due to assured integration across the whole supply chain.

NEXPORT Zero-as-a-Platform (ZaaP) provides a tailor made package that covers the whole End-to-End adoption cost for fleet electrification.

This model can offer the following cost benefits over conventional electrification:

  • Capital investment is spread out over the whole operating life with clear and transparent amortisation.
  • Reduce business risk and uncertainty associated with maintenance, residual value of asset, and assured integration across the whole supply chain.
  • Better integration between supplier in product lifecycle > increase efficiency >  reduce cost.

Driver Benefits

Safer, Cleaner Workplace More Comfortable Ride Less Noise & Vibration No Exposure to Fumes

Environmental Benefits

Air Quality Improvements Improve Government Greenhouse Contributions Less Noise Zero Tailpipe Emissions

Operator Benefits

Lower Total Cost of Ownership Lead in lowering climate emissions End to End Partnership Turn-Key TCO Model & Financing

Passenger Benefits

More Comfortable Ride Contribute to Making a Difference Less Noise No Vibrations

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