Australia's leading electric vehicle producer and supplier. WIth a multi-model platform for EV transport we are leading Australia to a cleaner, healthier and more sustainable future.


Nexport, is BYD's official partner for Australia and New Zealand. BYD being the worlds leading EV technology company since 2015, our relationship enables Nexport to bring the worlds leading technology to Australia.
In a competitive EV landscape, we lead the way.
We believe in an Australian clean-tech future - so let's make it ours.

Australian Manufacturing

Nexport is building the globes first 7-star green rated EV production facility in Moss Vale, NSW. This 51 hectare site, will be an Eco Village , one of which we plan to build Australia's clean-tech production revolution from.

Global Technology

We have invested in positioning our business to provide a platform for an EV revolution in Australia. We have access to the worlds leading technology and will be bringing the most exciting global products to our shores. Both through import, and with Australian production.

EV Direct

EVDirect will be launched soon. Ev Direct will completely revolutionise the Australian car industry.
With EVDirect, you will be able to buy an electric car directly from the manufacturer.

BYD Tang

EV Lifestyle, without compromise.

Our vision and goal within Nexport has always been to introduce zero emission transport in a way where there are no compromises, only benefit.

We are zero emissions only

Nexport specialises in EV technology and products only. Therefore, we have no legacy products to slow us down or distract us. We are the the present and future only.

Australian Owned

Nexport is 100% Australian owned.

Australia's EV Revolution

Electric Cars for the mass market is where we focus. Nexport will be releasing a range of high quality cars for Australian consumers priced between $59,000 and $99,000 by early 2021. This brings the possibility of an EV lifestyle to more Australians.

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