NEXPORT E-Tech, the ultra high tech laboratory integrating Artificial Intelligence Systems into our product range, to increase transport safety and protect our planet’s future.


Nexport focuses on the next generation of technology to support and enhance our products. Artificial Intelligence (AI) was once seen as robots replacing humans. The reality is, AI is now and will continue to be an integral part of transport services. Within most new cars, standard AI support is included with anti collision technology, blind-spot recognition and many more key technological components.

This decade will see a rapid inclusion of AI into all facets of transport and Nexport knowing the importance of this, has created E-Tech, a separate business within Nexport solely focused on AI.

The next immediate revolution to evolve in EV technology is 5G connectivity. Nexport, and our partners are currently developing the system infrastructure for 5G technology across all of our EV platforms. When Australia is ready with 5G network coverage, Nexport will be ready.

Driver Assist Technology

Driver assist technology is our main aim and focus as this is the most imminent technology which can improve safety. All new vehicles produced by Nexport will have some form of driver assist technology fitted as standard.

Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous vehicles are already in operations and will integrate within transport modes in the coming years. Nexport is deeply invested in various autonomous vehicle trials and will be releasing some exciting news shortly regarding the release of autonomous mas scale vehicles.

Zero Emission Integrated Networks

Integrated, sustainable networks, covering electric vehicles, zero emission depots, connected roadways and clean energy power supply will become increasingly more obtainable as technology evolves. The ability to deliver 'Mobility as a Service' will be a concept currently in incubation, but soon be a reality.

5G-based technology is not just another auto infotainment system. It’s more like an interface to the car’s core operating system and a vehicle-to-X channel to the road. 5G car interface will first appear on the BYD Han EV in 2021, before arriving in models from about 30 different auto brands. Analysts view 5G adoption in cars (and roads) as the ultra-fast communications backbone to autonomous vehicles, smart cities, and the internet of things. It also provides in-vehicle features such as controlling windows, locks, AC, and streaming media.

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