ETaxiCO zero emission taxi's creating cleaner communities and a higher quality taxi experience.


ETaxiCO is Australia's largest electric taxi company with over 70 electric taxis. The company will introduce 2000 electric taxis into service nationally by 2021.

Zero Emission Taxi APP

ETaxiCO has developed an APP which will have a fleet of more than 17,000 existing taxis along with the electric taxis from ETaxiCO. The APP will enable every trip traveled via the ETaxiCO APP to be carbon neutral. ETaxiCO achieves this through the purchase of clean carbon credits. Investing in clean initiatives to neutralize all taxi travel booked through the APP. This initiative is offered to corporate entities wishing to expedite reaching their own zero emission targets.

our goals

Our goal is to lead an industry revolution. Our vision is bold, being the transition to 100% of all taxis nationally to be either electric taxis, or be 100% carbon neutral. Australia to be the first zero emission taxi country in the world by 2025. This can be done and we will lead the way.

our values

Our model is to work collaboratively with the entire taxi industry. We are not competition to the existing taxi industry which has seen many challenges over the last few years. We do not plan to operate our own operations network. ETaxiCO is a platform and fleet service enabling the taxi industry to re-invent itself through new EV technology.

Our Mission.

Australia to be a 100% zero emission taxi nation by 2025.

Our Fleet

Through Nexport, electric taxi's will be offered to operators at rates lower than hybrid, gas or petrol taxi's.

Charging Network

ETaxiCO is working with various companies to expedite the roll out or depot, public and home charging to faicliate the rapid tarsnition to mass EV taxis fleets.

Clean Air Taxi Initiative

ETaxiCO is the creator of the Clean Air Taxi Initiative. Working with Local Councils to facilitate priority rank positions for zero emission taxi's.

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