Electric Trucks Australia will be launched on the Australian market in 2021. Nexport and BYD will be releasing a range of zero emission trucks for the rapidly growing home delivery market.

Electric Trucks Australia


Nexport, in partnership with BYD will be releasing an exciting range of trucks and vans in 2021. To date, the ability for Australian business to by high quality, reliable electric trucks has been unavailable. That all changes in early 2021 when we release our vehicles. Register your interest now and one of our specialised team can assist in developing an Electric Truck strategy in readiness for our launch.

Cost Reduction

BYD trucks generate significant savings from lower costs in fuel and maintenance. Fewer moving parts, more reliability, and environmentally friendly with a payback in only a few years — buying a BYD not only improves the environmenat, but also makes commercial sense.

Quieter COmmunity

Our trucks are not only good for the air but also good for the community. Electric trucks reduce overall fleet noise pollution with half the noise of Diesel, Hybrid or CNG engines. The health of the community is also improved with zero harmful toxins released for our vehicles.

Best in Class

BYD battery electric trucks are best in class with superior reliability and deliver zero emission outcomes, with safety at the core of the advanced power technology onboard BYD trucks.

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