A 100% electric commercial vehicle with innovative and advanced egonomic concepts. ecarry is a leader in its category for range, performance, autonomy, size and ability to integrate any type of payload and role equipment.

Light Commercial, Versatile
Tank/Pump, Waste Collection, Rigid Body/Tipper, Aerial Platform, Delivery/Refrigeration, Ad hoc setup

The most advanced fully electric LCV in its category

When choosing a fully electric Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV), it is important to evaluate the aspect of operational autonomy of the vehicle, as well as effectiveness and power.


Improved range performance, with the ability to travel over 150km Ergonomically developed to criteria of comfort and ease of use which were defined right from the start of the project Quiet, zero emissions, ideal for both city and suburban areas in respect of the environment Highly configurable, available in many variants and even customised solutions

The Chassis

It is made up of 2 “C-shaped” beams with electrophoresis deposition treatment and powder coating. The suspensions are longitudinal leaf spring on 4 wheels which allow maximum payload within small vertical spaces. As an option, the wheel base can be adapted from the 2500 mm (std.) up to 3100 mm (max).

Portable Charger

Allows the adjustment of the power from 1.4 kW to 7.4kW. This innovative solution is suitable for any CEE industrial socket both three-phase and single-phase with appropriate adapter.


Allows to charge the vehicle battery with THREE-PHASE 32A - SINGLE-PHASE 32A in all CEE industrial sockets.

Charging Cable

Equipped with two Mennekes-Mennekes connectors type 2, 32A, 8 meters in length. IP55 certified cable, made with materials resistant to oil, fire and UV rays.

Portable External Charger

Developed to allow Green-G batteries to be recharged even when they are not installed in the vehicle. • power selectable from the display (maximum power 7.4kW); • IP67 protection level; • customized configurations available.

Battery Information

ecarry is equipped with a battery pack with lithium-ion technology, Nickel, Manganese and Cobalt which allows an energy density equal to the leading electric cars on the market. ECE R100 certified, it guarantees very high safety standards, such as the resistance to impact, corrosion, perforation,electrical dispersion and naked flame. The standard equipment of ecarry features a 35 kWh battery and can be combined with an additional 35 kWh battery pack as an option. This modularity ensures an autonomy of over 250 Km in the WLTP cycle. The second pack battery can also be fitted as an after market option.


Technical specifications and features

Light Commercial, Versatile
Tank/Pump, Waste Collection, Rigid Body/Tipper, Aerial Platform, Delivery/Refrigeration, Ad hoc setup
Maximum speed
80 km/h
Over 150km
Peak Power
Trailers, Semi-trailers
Maximum turning circle
Rear wheel drive
Payload on chassis
2500Kg (35kW/hr battery)
2000Kg (70kW/hr battery)
Number of seats
from 35 kWh (**)

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